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During your musical journey we all may need some advice along the way. I can help you both in playing and recording the drums, an instrument that I have spent considerable time exploring. I am available for one on one consultations to help you on your way!

Lessons will be conducted using FaceTime, Zoom or WhatsApp.



I have been teaching people the drums for 10 years. In that time I have created my own unique perspective on how to play the drums.



Having worked remotely since 2005, I have taught myself how to reproduce many different sounds on the drums. I can show you how to do it quickly and efficiently!


Online One on One Lessons | Custom Video

• £30 per half hour
• £45 per hour

I teach people all around the World how to play the drums.

Each lesson is one on one where all my attention is focused on each student. After the lesson, I record a quick recap video so my students can practice what was taught in their own time. I've found this to be an effective way to learn. Some online video tutorial sites aren't really catered for 1 on 1 teaching, and that's cool, but sometimes it's good to actually talk to the teacher showing you how to play.

- Learning the Basics
- The Moeller System
- Most Useful Rudiments
- In Between Grooves
- First Set of Songs

- Studying More Advanced Songs
- 4 Limb Independence


Drum Recording

Online One on One Lessons | Logic Project

• £30 per half hour
• £45 per hour

Roomy. Close. Warm. Gated Reverb. Whatever drum sound you need to learn is available with TrackDrums.

Hear a selected collection of drum sounds that I can easily show you how to record!

- Getting Started Recording the Drums on a Budget
- Recording and Mixing Different Genres
- Building an Effective Drum Room

Please Listen on Good Quality Speakers or Headphones.


Order 5 Lessons get 20% Off!

Reuben F


I was fortunate enough to have been taught drums by Chris. His obvious love for both teaching and music was contagious, and I couldn't help but get more passionate about jumping behind the kit and playing after every lesson. I'm now a very confident player and have the skills not only to play with bands but also to play (and survive!) in a studio setting.

Jamie L

Jamie L.png

Studying with Chris was great! He taught me all the music styles that I wanted to learn and now I can proficiently play everything that I want to.

Theo I


Would 100% recommend Chris, tailors the lessons to the style you wish to learn and sets realistic goals that creates a constant sense of progression.


MEET Chris

Hi! My name is Chris and I’ll be showing you how to play or record the drums!
I have been playing the drums for the last 30 years. I have taught many students how to play during my time as a drummer and like to show people how to play without sight reading. As a self taught drummer myself, I like to show people how to play without relying on sheet music but to adapt quickly to any musical situation.

Since my first online session in September 2005, I have recorded for hundreds of Songwriters, Producers, Bands and Composers from all over the World and mixed my drums on every session. It’s imperative that the drums work perfectly for each of my Clients songs, so the drums have to be set up and mixed just right.

I feel I’ve come a long way musically in the last 30 years and I’m eager to show you in far less time how the be an effective drummer and capture the drums perfectly for your own band or Clients!

I proudly endorse Instanbul Agop Cymbals.


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