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What DAW and file format do you use?
I record using Logic Pro X. For audio, the demo tracks are saved as an mp3. For finalised audio I use either WAV or AIFF files, whatever you would like me to send.

How do you send the files to me?
I use a site called WeTransfer. I am able to send large files this way. You will receive an email with a link to download all the files directly to your computer.

Should I use a click to record?
It would help me out a lot if you did record your music with a click.

Do you need me to send a fully completed song?
No not at all! You can send me a track with everything completed but the drums or send a guide track of just a guitar and a voice. As long as the track was recorded with good time I can track to it!

Can I tell you how I want the drums to sound?
Absolutely! As much input from you is a big help to me! If you have found a drum sound you are after, please make sure you tell me about it!

Are you in a “proper” studio?
I have created a studio at home. It’s a great space because when I close my door I have a small room for a tighter, funkier sound. With my door open and two hall mics, I can make the drums sound as big as you want them, Led Zep/Bonham style!

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